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The source code must be compiled before you can run Fracion. Thus, check that your system meet all requirements before you begin to compile.


  1. gcc compiler, g++
  2. make
  3. ROOT
  4. root-config, rootcint executables must be in PATH environment variable
If you compiled ROOT from source and set correctly ROOT environment variables, it is possible that these requirements are meet.

Compiling the source code

  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Open a terminal and change directory to the extracted directory (ex: $ cd fracion-01)
  4. In a terminal run the command
    If all goes to plan, make will create an executable named fracion
  5. Run command: ./fracion

User Guide

Using Fracion

Fracion scans 2D binary images (ex: black/white) for fractals. While scanning the image, Fracion saves any interested information in a ROOT file, such that, if you want later, you can analyze the data yourself or use the built-in algorithms to determine the Fractal dimension or lacunarity.

After running fracion (using the command ./fracion), a window should appear. In the left side of the window is the Menu.

Main Menu

Before any Scan or Analysis you have 2 possibilities:

Scanner Options

You can modify the default options of the scanner. These options are available from the main menu.


Fracion contains 2 algorithms for fractal analysis: